Day 31: Another last day

Another writing challenge complete.  When this begins each March I’m excited to regain this connection with the slice of life community, but I’m also a bit nervous about my writings.  I’m nervous about getting writers block, having no ideas.  I always get a little surprised at how easily the words flow once I get started.   I enjoy reading so many posts and getting a peek into the lives of friends, colleagues, and strangers that begin to feel like friends.

I’ll stop writing on my blog for a while but I’ll continue to try to journal for myself.   I’ll lose the connection with this community but try to remain connected with friends and colleagues.

The last peek into my life is…I have lots to finish on my painting with diamonds project, I still have not found the penny in the FindIt game, my oldest daughter is still working toward her doctorate of OT, my middle daughter is ‘college-ing’  at home, my son is bored being stuck in the house, no matter the situation my husband will have a joke, and after 22 years of being in my home I’m finally updating my bathroom…or at least painting it.

Until next time everyone.

Day 30: Can’t lose my son when he’s learning at home

In January I was at work, assessing a student, collaborating with colleagues, it was a typical day, until I got a phone call.  I couldn’t answer right away, so a short time later I listened to the message.  It was from my son’s high school, I needed to call him in.  That’s weird because I saw him leave that morning.  I tried to call my son’s cell but there was no answer.  I called home and my daughter picked up.  She told me he forgot his backpack and came home to get it.  She saw him leave to go back to school.  That was over an hour ago.  No problem, I’ll call him in late and let them know what happened.  I make the call and begin to explain, but she stops me, “He’s still not here.” she says.  This is when the frantic mom brain kicks in…he’s in an accident, he’s on the side of the road, someone has taken him, one terrible thing after another invades my thoughts.  I text my son, I call my son, he doesn’t answer either.  I call my daughter.  She tells me to stay calm, he’s fine, don’t be mad at him, it’s no big deal.  I hear those words but I don’t feel the calm.  I have her drive the route to school to check on him.  She obliges.  I call the school again.  I tell them which class he should be in and could they check again.  They call to his class and sure enough he’s there.  He was late, but he’s there.  They apologize, he wasn’t marked in the system yet.  I still was not calm…it takes a while for that to happen.  I figure an hour of intense mom insanity requires at least 3 hours to calm.

Now that he will be learning at home for a while one of the positives is I don’t have to worry about losing him again…I hope.

Day 29: Scattered thoughts

I can’t stay focused long enough to figure out what to write about today.  The day started with reading the latest post about a friend/former co-worker’s young grandson.  He’s been very sick his whole life and is getting a new heart today.  I’m praying for them.

I’ve read lots of posts/blogs/stories about people making lists.  Making lists of things to accomplish, lists of needed items, lists of memories to document this time.  I love lists.  They keep me organized and on track.  I love checking things off of lists and then discarding that list until I need to make another one.  I haven’t made a single list during this time.  I’ve gotten several things accomplished.  Hopefully I continue to get things accomplished.

I was able to see my family through Zoom today.  I was able to laugh with my kids, son-in-law, nieces, the babies, sister, mom.  It was fun!  Then, I opened up Facebook to see post after post of so many people doing the same thing.  This was the day to connect with family.

I heard that the social distancing will be extended until April 30th.  This gives me many different feelings causing me to have scattered thoughts and this scattered slice.

Day 28: Old stuff

I embraced some of my older things today.  My husband…he’s older…I hugged him….So sorry about that.  I lost my train of thought.  Here goes with my actual slice… Last year I completed a “Paint with Diamonds” project.  It was a picture of a lighthouse.  I love lighthouses.  My brother got it for me a few Christmases ago.  It was huge and it took forever.  It was a relaxing project and I enjoyed it so I bought myself another one, a smaller one.  I started it at the end of last year, but then just set it aside.  I picked it up today and began working on it again.  I got much accomplished, but there sure is a lot more to do.  My goal is to NOT complete it during this quarantine.  That’s my gauge for this quarantine not lasting too long.  The less I finish the better.

As I was working on this project an old Cubs game was playing on the t.v.  Not just any Cubs game, the World Series game 7 Cubs game.  Of course I kept that on.  I remember every moment from when I watched this the first time.  The excitement, the intensity, the frustration, I remember it all.  I could recite what pitch was going to be thrown, where the ball would land, who was going to be put in next.  It was nice to be able to enjoy this game again today and be able to relax at the same time.

I enjoyed the older stuff today, but I am looking forward to some new stuff too.

Day 27: Vacation…later

Today is the first day of Spring Break for my district.  If times were typical I would be on an airplane heading to New York City to spend the weekend with my daughter and her husband.  We would have gone to Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, 911 Memorial, shopping, restaurants, and a broadway show.  On Sunday evening we would have driven to their house which is about 3 hours away.  On Monday we would have gone to Cooperstown.  Not sure what we would have done on Tuesday and then on Wednesday I would have flown back home.  For the rest of the break I would have been frantically trying to get things accomplished at home before having to go back to school.  I would have felt like I needed a vacation from my vacation.

I have to admit that I felt a bit bummed having this vacation taken away from us.  I had to dig deep today to find the good.  I needed to reflect on the day.  I got a positive text from my daughter, that made my heart feel good.  I sat in the sunshine (for the short amount of time it was out today) because that always gives me a good feeling.  Getting outside with the kids, no complaints, that always helps.  We made dinner together, no take-out.  We watched a movie.  Lots of positive togetherness today.  It was needed.  I’m definitely feeling way better now than I was earlier today.  That vacation will come, just a little later than planned.

Day 26: Find It!

Find It!  You may have heard of this…it’s a game.  It is this tube filled with thousands of plastic pellets and a variety of small objects hidden inside.  You need to shake it up, turn it around and over, basically anything except break it to find all of the hidden objects.  I got this thing years ago and didn’t really think much of it until last year.  I started shaking it, turning it, doing anything except breaking it to find the hidden objects.  I was able to find all of the objects except for 4…smiley face, candy cane, marble, penny.  I’ll pick it up every once in a while, but still no luck with those four objects.  The star, balloon, top hat….I’ve seen these countless times, but still not the elusive four.

Today I had a brilliant idea.  I’d recruit my husband.  He’s ‘working’ from home.  He’s got plenty of time.  He’s got an analytical brain and applies physics to everything.  So I toss it to him, and sure enough he starts to analyze…if I turn it this way and shake it like that something should appear.  And, there it is…the marble.  A few minutes later there are the smiley face and candy cane…they’re actually stuck together.  Now, we just need the penny.  He analyzes more and comes to the conclusion that it’s stuck in the middle.  Shake more, turn more, still no penny.  I figure we’ve got about 2 weeks to find this penny.  Then, we break the thing to see if it’s really there.

Day 25: Stalking my neighborhood?

Today was a lot like yesterday.  I’ve been trying not to write about the corona virus because it’s everywhere and I like reading about other topics.  Today I was thinking about social distancing and the variety of ways I’m seeing it.    I’m seeing many people staying at home, others only visit immediate family, while others traveled to a friend’s house in another state to ‘quarantine’ together.  I feel like I’m doing my part in staying home.  I’m getting outside in the fresh air and definitely enjoying the warmish weather we’ve had for the last 2 days.  I’m appreciating the time I’m getting with my family.

I’m also learning a little more about some people in my neighborhood.  Like, the lady with the striped yoga pants takes at least 3 walks per day.  The older gentleman walks with his dog in the morning, but by himself in the afternoon.  The neighbors behind me never come outside.  They have 3 kids.  What could they possibly be doing?  The neighbors beside me take family walks early in the day.  The 2 boys ride their bikes often.  Are they friends or brothers, I’m guessing brothers but I’m not sure.

Hmmm, now that I think about it, am I learning about these people or stalking them…not quite sure.

Day 24: A shorter post

There are many obvious differences between working in the home versus working outside of the home.  No travel, less people, lots more computer time…those are all obvious.  One of the other differences I’m finding is what I’m looking forward to as my work day nears an end.  Typically, when I work outside of the home I look forward to getting back home.  I look forward to seeing my family and asking about their day.  I look forward to changing into comfy clothes, to sitting in my favorite spot, to reading a book, to making plans, even to tidying up some areas.  But, working at home gives me the feeling that I want to get out of the house.  I’ve had lots of time in comfy clothes, I’ve been sitting too much, and I’d rather be reading outside.  I’m making the best of this situation, but also I can’t wait until I can look forward to being home again rather than actually being here so much.

Day 23: Better than your average Monday

Typically I would have worked a little bit late today, run an errand, and then finally made it home.  By the time I got home, my son would have already eaten and then started on his homework.  I would have checked on him to see how his day was, then left him to his work.  The sun would be starting to set and I would get those dishes put away that I did not get to in the morning before leaving for work.

Today, I got the dishes put away before I started my work day.  I didn’t have to drive so there was plenty of time.  I did work a bit later than expected, but when I finished the sun was still out, my son had completed his homework, and he had not yet eaten.  It looked beautiful outside.  I went out for a walk and my son joined me.  That usually does not happen.  My daughter joined us as well.  That usually does happen.  There was no complaining, no arguing.  As we were walking we decided to help the restaurants so we ordered dinner.  My husband did the curbside pickup, we ate together, and then everyone stayed downstairs to watch a movie.

This was better than a typical Monday.

Day 22: I like Sundays

Sundays are my favorite day.  I especially love them during the fall.  Football Sunday is one of the best things.  When I was a kid it was an early dinner and the Bears game with the family.  As I’ve grown it’s still an early dinner along with the Bears and many, many more games…Sundays have just gotten better.

I like Sundays because I feel like I have several options and they are all okay.  On Fridays and Saturdays I feel like I should be active, out and about.  On Mondays I feel like I need to be prepared for the week.  But on Sundays either is okay.  If I’m out and about it’s okay because it’s still the weekend and I should be enjoying myself.  If I’m inside and getting things done around the house it’s okay because it’s the end of the weekend and I need to get things ready for the week.  If I’m doing nothing inside or outside it’s okay because I’ve worked hard (mostly) and get the time to relax and rejuvenate.

Now I’m required to stay inside for a while and I’m finding that I still love Sundays.