Day 16: Jokes are meant to be funny

Jokes by nature are supposed to be funny. If it’s not funny then it’s not a joke. It is an excuse to be rude, or it is a mean spirited comment, or a confusing statement that causes more questions. Twice, in just a few hours time span, I heard, “It was just a joke.” Now, I did not hear the ‘joke’ in person and it wasn’t directed towards me. But, it affects me. It emotionally affects me now, and could continue to affect me in the future…and it wasn’t even said to me.

We live in a sensitive society at the moment and ‘jokes’ that you make WILL be taken the wrong way by someone. Consequences will happen swiftly and harshly. So, be prepared for that before you tell your next ‘joke’.

Some ‘jokes’ have nothing to do with all of society, but just a small group of people. If you are a sincere person and have no need to question the statement, then you believe it and start planning for the changes that will have ensue. And then, you hear the words, ‘Oh, it was just a joke.’

No it wasn’t! Ultimately no negative consequences occurred, just me being annoyed. So, if it’s not funny then it’s not a joke.


8 thoughts on “Day 16: Jokes are meant to be funny

  1. Do you feel that people tell “jokes” so that they have an excuse to make a comment. They use the phrase, “It was just a joke” because they know their comment is offensive but they want to say their thoughts. I guess…just don’t call it a joke. Call it a comment, criticism, etc., and go on.

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  2. And that joke that goes too far seems to grant permission for others to step over that line as well, until the line doesn’t seem to exist anymore. How scary that those jokes can settle into opinions, and then grow into personalities. Thanks for the slice.

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