Day 30: Productive and relaxing

This spring break has been very productive.  Because we made no special plans I was hoping to get many items checked off of my to-do list.  Mission accomplished!  So, this morning I decided not to look at that to-do list.  We would have a relaxing breakfast with good conversation.  A new coffee shop opened near me.  Since being in college my daughter has started to really enjoy coffee shops.   We chose to have breakfast at the new coffee shop.  It is so quaint with a great atmosphere.  We each got a breakfast panini with coffee or tea.  It felt like a very adult thing to do.

Then us girls wanted to do some shopping.  I was not going to torture my husband with this activity, so we dropped him at home and then off we went.  The girls picked out a few summer shirts and some nice things for Easter.  My daughter needed (wanted) some things to make her field work easier, she is an OT student, so we bought those as well.  Taking care of more adult responsibilities.

We arrived home to have some more time together before most had to go to work this evening.  We decided to decorate Easter eggs.  A childhood activity mixed in with all of the adulting.  The eggs are so colorful with some interesting designs on them. The creative minds of my family can lead to some interesting artwork.  Sometimes the simple days are the best days.


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