Day 6: Tired and Uninspired

I knew the type of day it was going to be from the moment I woke up.  I’m one to wake up before the alarm goes off.  Today, I was completely startled by my alarm.  You may have seen the post on Facebook recently…’does anyone still own one of these?’, and beside the question is a picture of the old-time alarm clock.  Yeah, that’s me, I have one of those.  The kind that doesn’t always stay tuned in quite right.  The kind where you’re not quite sure if the volume will blare at you or hardly be heard.  Today it was loud, blaring, not quite tuned in.  Come to think of it, it may have been like that yesterday too, or even last month.  Like I said, I usually wake up before the alarm goes off, but today I was startled by it.  I turned it off and sat up, a bit disoriented and very tired.  No matter, I got out of bed anyway.  I don’t snooze, especially with the noise that came out today.  It would have been more unsettling than relaxing, stressfully waiting for that sound again to signal the start of the day.

I go about my typical morning routine and get myself off to work.  I do get to work early as usual, but when I sit at my desk I’m feeling uninspired.  Not quite sure what I will start with first.  Not quite sure what I will slice about.  I won’t think about my slice, there’s plenty of time.  I have 2 lists…things I want to get done before the students arrive and things I have to get done.  I’ll start on the ‘have to’ first.  I work through my list and do accomplish each task, all the while still feeling tired.  I even find myself a bit harsh…not toward students or colleagues, but toward events and the discussions that take place.  These discussions are with friends so they understand my slight harsh tone, it’s just that kind of day.  Now it comes time for the things I want to get done.  But, there is no urgency, so that list remains.  The school day is ending, the list stays on my desk, and it’s time for my yoga class.  I usually am excited about yoga, but not today.  I go anyway and boy am I glad I did.  I truly enjoy yoga and it makes me feel good.  But, today is just one of those days.  Even after yoga I’m still feeling tired and uninspired.

Here’s to tomorrow and the wonder of what my alarm will sound like, if I hear it.  Will that dictate my day?  I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.


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