Day 20: Moments of today

I’ve been trying to figure out what to write today.  It just seems like today was full of many different moments and nothing too substantial to write about.  The day started with my daughter and husband driving to pick up all of her things from college.  She is home for the semester.  I was home working and having a google hangout meeting.  My screen went wonky and I almost gave everyone a seizure.  Then I got a delivery.  Then my son needed to grind the coffee beans.  Despite all of this it was a very productive meeting.

I had to run some quick errands.  I told my husband that when I got back I would be making the chicken casserole for dinner.  He barely looked up from his computer screen and said okay.  As I returned and entered the house the first thing I noticed was the smell.  WHAT@#?%* is that really pizza I smell!  “Yeah,” he stammers, “why?”  REALLY!  The pizza is all cooked.  It will be put away for leftovers tomorrow.  He puts the entire cooked pizza back in its original box and in the fridge.  REALLY!

My oldest daughter facetimed during dinner.  I had the entire family ‘home’ for dinner.  There was random conversation, something about furniture, something about the Cubs, something about playing go fish, something about Back to the Future.  My son complained about the noodles, took a few more bites, and then had a bowl of cereal.  I think my daughter ate all of her food, honestly I can’t remember.

The table was wiped.  The dishes cleaned.  Now everyone is relaxing.  Today is almost done.

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