Day 22: I like Sundays

Sundays are my favorite day.  I especially love them during the fall.  Football Sunday is one of the best things.  When I was a kid it was an early dinner and the Bears game with the family.  As I’ve grown it’s still an early dinner along with the Bears and many, many more games…Sundays have just gotten better.

I like Sundays because I feel like I have several options and they are all okay.  On Fridays and Saturdays I feel like I should be active, out and about.  On Mondays I feel like I need to be prepared for the week.  But on Sundays either is okay.  If I’m out and about it’s okay because it’s still the weekend and I should be enjoying myself.  If I’m inside and getting things done around the house it’s okay because it’s the end of the weekend and I need to get things ready for the week.  If I’m doing nothing inside or outside it’s okay because I’ve worked hard (mostly) and get the time to relax and rejuvenate.

Now I’m required to stay inside for a while and I’m finding that I still love Sundays.

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