Day 23: Better than your average Monday

Typically I would have worked a little bit late today, run an errand, and then finally made it home.  By the time I got home, my son would have already eaten and then started on his homework.  I would have checked on him to see how his day was, then left him to his work.  The sun would be starting to set and I would get those dishes put away that I did not get to in the morning before leaving for work.

Today, I got the dishes put away before I started my work day.  I didn’t have to drive so there was plenty of time.  I did work a bit later than expected, but when I finished the sun was still out, my son had completed his homework, and he had not yet eaten.  It looked beautiful outside.  I went out for a walk and my son joined me.  That usually does not happen.  My daughter joined us as well.  That usually does happen.  There was no complaining, no arguing.  As we were walking we decided to help the restaurants so we ordered dinner.  My husband did the curbside pickup, we ate together, and then everyone stayed downstairs to watch a movie.

This was better than a typical Monday.

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