Day 24: Interesting Experiences at McDonald’s

I’ve had a few interesting experiences at Mcdonald’s.  But really, I’m sure many people have.  One day, on my way to work I stopped for a caramel iced coffee with light cream.  I drove up to the window to pay and the worker asked if I had caramel iced coffee with extra cream.  I told her ‘no’.  It was light cream.  She tried to make that change so I would get the correct order when I pulled to the next window.  They had a new computer system.  She pressed a variety of buttons for 5 minutes.  I kid you not, 5 minutes trying to figure out how to press the correct buttons that show light cream.  It was taking so long that the passenger in the vehicle behind me got out of her car, knocked on the drive-up window, and asked if everything was ok.  The worker said yes, yelled to the other worker to make that light cream, not extra cream, finally took my money, and let me make my way to the next window.

Another time I, yet again, stopped on my way to work.  It was pouring rain.   I’m sure you can picture the drive-up window.  There is that little overhang to give a little protection from the weather or something.  The rain was coming off that overhang just like water being dumped out of a bucket.  I pulled up to the window with my van positioned just so.  My automatic wipers were on and that water dumped on my windshield over and over again.  The worker opened her window just in time for my wipers, at the highest speed wipers can move, to push the water directly in her face, and then push it back at her again.  I panicked.  I laughed and I panicked.  For a few short moments, she couldn’t figure out how to close her window.  I couldn’t figure out how to turn off my wipers.  So, she got hit a third time.  It was shocking.  I felt so bad for her.  I hoped her boss let her go home and change after that.  I was cracking up, but I really did feel so bad for her.

Another time I stopped at McDonald’s in Wisconsin after I had to bring my son his contacts while visiting a friend.  (I mentioned that in yesterday’s post).  I had a 1 ½ hour drive home so I figured food would help pass the time.  The line was a little long, but I wasn’t in any hurry, so I waited.  I made my way to the speaker and placed my order more quickly than I anticipated.  I pulled forward and I was about fifth in line to pay.  This was going well.  I got my wallet out of my purse and I was ready to pay.  I waited to pay, and waited, and waited.  I hadn’t moved even one more inch.  After 8 minutes I couldn’t wait anymore.  This particular drive-thru is set up in such a way that you are trapped.  Once you are in, there is no way of getting out.  There were cars behind me so I couldn’t back up.  There were still 5 cars in front of me.  I was done with this place.  What is a person to do?  This person called the McDonalds and told them I was trapped in their drive-thru and I needed out!  Miraculously we started moving.  My son would have been mortified.  Good thing he was still with his friend because I couldn’t take it anymore.  I needed to get out.  He would say I was too impatient, that I needed to relax.  I call it resourceful.  I am now very aware of which Mcdonald’s traps you and which doesn’t.

3 thoughts on “Day 24: Interesting Experiences at McDonald’s

  1. Those definitely count as interesting experiences! Each of them could be their own post–there’s so much drama in them. 🙂 I especially loved the ending of the first snippet–with the worker giving up on the computer and just talking to her co-workers. What a fun post!

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  2. Love these snippets! I was once in a McDonald’s drive-through with my cousin who was also my Uber driver to O’Hare Airport. He wanted a breakfast sandwich at 5:30 a.m. I got out of the car at the drive through to use the restroom since we had been driving for over 2 hours already. As I did, a man came around the corner shouting that someone was trying to kill him. He told me to call the police. As I was retreating to the car thinking very clearly, “This is the day that I die,” he told me not to be afraid of him. I said, “I was going to the car because I didn’t have my phone on me.”

    Back in the car, as I was telling my cousin what was happening and trying to pull out my phone, a tow truck blocks the drive-through and a man jumps out and wields a gun at the man who had asked that the police be called.

    My cousin swiftly does a 180, peeling out of the drive-through, while the 911 call goes through. As I speak to the operator, he yells, “Anonymous tip!” I have no idea what address to give the responder as my cousin hastily returns to the Dan Ryan.


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